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Dr.Sandra Bardot

Dr.Sandra Bardot

Postdoctoral Fellow

Email: sandra.bardot@umanitoba.ca


Advisor: Pourang Irani

Research Areas: Wearable device; Visualization techniques; Eye-free interaction; Tactile display


I did my Ph.D. at the University of Toulouse at the Elipse team - IRIT Lab (France). During my Ph.D., I focused on the design and evaluation of interaction techniques that assist visually impaired people to explore virtual maps using smartwatches. These techniques provided users with information from a map relying on located audio and vibratory feedback.

Now, I am interested in exploring new research problematics concerning the use of smartwatches. Indeed, I work on the visualization of data on small screens in a sporting context. The limited screen real estate of smartwatches makes visualization of multidimensional data difficult. This task becomes even more complex in a sporting context in which the display is unstable. It is necessary to propose new visualization techniques as well as new interaction techniques to manipulate these visualizations.