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Social Robots Don’t Do That: Exploring Robot-Typical Errors in Child-Robot Interaction

Researchers have explored how robot errors affect people’s perceptions of and interactions with robots. However, the types of robot errors that have been studied often reflect errors that humans tend to make, instead of those typically made by robots. In this paper we explore robot-typical errors, as opposed to human-like errors, spearheading a discussion on the kinds of mistakes we may face from robots. We specifically focus on child-robot interaction, and how robot-typical errors may occur in the presence of children.

Geiskkovitch, D. Y., & Young, J. E. (2020, March). Social Robots Don't Do That: Exploring Robot-Typical Errors in Child-Robot Interaction. In Companion of the 2020 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (pp. 200-202).


James E.Young

James E.Young