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Exploring and evaluating the effects of user-enhanced video browsing

In light of the massive growth of creation and consumption of video, in this thesis I explore the concept of user-enhanced video browsing and evaluate the quantitative and qualitative effects of this approach. For this purpose, I create a unique prototype based on the VLC media player. The player interprets user-generated video tagging and annotations in my designed format, and allows the viewing of multiple event layers to create a personalized video playback. I perform evaluations in two user studies for this work. Among my observations I find benefits in navigation, personalization, consumption, and comprehension. I then look at the way viewers behave when contributing data of annotations and tagging. I find their preferred tasks, their perceived quality of other contributions, as well as their opinions on this system. I conclude with a discussion of the results and list possible use-cases for this concept.

Roiy Shpaner. 2014. Exploring and evaluating the effects of user-enhanced video browsing. Master's thesis, University of Manitoba.