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Exploring the Use of Hand-To-Face Input for Interacting with Head-Worn Displays

We propose the use of Hand-to-Face input, a method to interact with head-worn displays (HWDs) that involves contact with the face. We explore Hand-to-Face interaction to find suitable techniques for common mobile tasks. We evaluate this form of interaction with document navigation tasks and examine its social acceptability. In a first study, users identify the cheek and forehead as predominant areas for interaction and agree on gestures for tasks involving continuous input, such as document navigation. These results guide the design of several Hand-to-Face navigation techniques and reveal that gestures performed on the cheek are more efficient and less tiring than interactions directly on the HWD. Initial results on the social acceptability of Hand-to-Face input allow us to further refine our design choices, and reveal unforeseen results: some gestures are considered culturally inappropriate and gender plays a role in selection of specific Hand-to-Face interactions. From our overall results, we provide a set guidelines for developing effective Hand-to-Face interaction techniques.

Marcos Serrano, Barrett Ens and Pourang Irani. 2014. Exploring the Use of Hand-To-Face Input for Interacting with Head-Worn Displays. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors and Computing Systems (CHI '14). Toronto, Canada. ACM, 3181-3190.

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Barrett Ens

Barrett Ens

Pourang Irani

Pourang Irani

Canada Research Chair
at University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus