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Opportunities for user involvement within interface personalization

Personalization provides users with the opportunity to work in feature-reduced interfaces that uniquely suit their needs.  While adding system intelligence to the process has the potential to make personalization more efficient and effective, doing so in a useful and usable manner typically requires a high degree of user involvement.  In this paper we discuss two projects, MICA and Ingimp, each of which highlights a different type of user involvement.  In MICA, user involvement occurs at run time:  Users are given the opportunity to decide how much to rely on intelligent recommendations and are given access to the system’s underlying reasoning.  In Ingimp, user involvement occurs at design time: A community of active users is supplying usage data that we are using to decide what types of personalization schemes would be most beneficial.  We also discuss open issues and plans for future work within each project description.


Andrea Bunt and Michael Terry (2009) Opportunities for user involvement within interface personalization. Proceedings of the IJCAI 2009 Workshop on Intelligence and Interaction.


Andrea Bunt

Andrea Bunt


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