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Alerting Users by Animating Content on a Transforming Tabletop Interface

In this work, we are exploring methods to convey the intentions of a transforming tabletop interface. The goal is to alert people prior to the table’s transformation with minimal disturbance during face-to-face communication. A transformable table assists people to form a suitable communication atmosphere; however, sudden transformation may disturb or scare people. To prevent such frustration, we developed a system to animate display content by scaling, rotating, translating and/or rounding edges to alert people. Through a pilot study, we compared the animation alert to traditional visual and verbal alerts and found that the animation alert generates minimum disturbance. Thus, it may be a suitable alert in needs of minimum disturbing over the traditional alerts. As a future work, we are suggesting to investigate how an animation can convey its meaning much clearly and effectively.

Stela H. Seo, Kazuki Takashima, Jim Young, Yoshifumi Kitamura, "Alerting Users by Animating Content on a Transforming Tabletop Interface", In Proceedings of the Human Interface Symposium. 2014.

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James E.Young

James E.Young


As well as: Kazuki Takashima and Yoshifumi Kitamura