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Evaluating Data-Driven Stories and Storytelling Tools

In this chapter, we review how data-driven stories and the tools used to produce them are evaluated. Evaluation is a far-reaching concept; among the topics we discuss in this chapter include the evaluation of a data-driven story in a newsroom context as well as the evaluation of novel storytelling tools and techniques in academic research settings. Our discussion spans a diverse set of goals, acknowledging the different perspectives  of storytellers, publishers, readers, tool builders, and researchers. We review the possible criteria for assessing whether these goals are met, as well as evaluation methods and metrics that address these criteria. This chapter is intended to serve as a guide for those considering whether and how they should evaluate the stories they produce or the storytelling tools or techniques that they develop.

F. Amini, M. Brehmer, G. Bolduan, C. Elmer, and B. Wiederkehr. “Book chapter: Evaluating Data-Driven Stories and Storytelling Tools”. (CRC Press), 2017. (To appear)


As well as: Matthew Brehmer, Gordon Bolduan, Christina Elmer, and Benjamin Wiederkehr