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Mutation: Leveraging Performing Arts Practices in Cyborg Transitioning

We present Mutation: performing arts techniques that can help decrease the cognitive load associated with cyborg transitioning. Cyborgs are human-machine hybrids with organic and mechatronic body parts that can be implanted or worn. The transition into and out of experiencing additional body parts is not fully understood. Our goal is to draw from performing arts techniques in order to help decrease the cognitive load associated with becoming and unbecoming a cyborg. Actors constantly shift between states, whether from one character to another, or from pre- to post- performance. We contribute a straightforward adaptation of classic performing act practices to cyborg transitioning, and a study where actors used these protocols in order to enter a cyborg state, perform as a cyborg, and then exit the cyborg state. Our work on Mutation suggests that classic performing art practices can be useful in cyborg transitioning, as well as in other technology augmented experiences.

Hammad, N, Sanoubari, E, Finn, P, Somanath, S, Young, JE, Sharlin, E. “Mutation: Leveraging Performing Arts Practices in Cyborg Transitioning”, Proc. ACM conference on Creativity and Cognition, 2019. Honorable Mention Award


James E.Young

James E.Young


As well as: Noor Hammad, Patrick Finn, Sowmya Somanath and Ehud Sharlin