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SSCA: Situated Space-time Cube Analytics

Spatio-temporal visualization research has been capturing much attention in recent years. Space-time cube (STC) has been
commonly used to visualize this data to support analytic tasks. However, the current STC visualization tools are currently not
compatible with situated platforms since these tools are often designed for desktop computing. Thus, we propose a situated
space-time cube analytics (SSCA) prototype that maps spatio-temporal trajectory data into the environment where the data was captured. Being situated in such an environment while exploring data can provide benefits, and further allows us to explore interaction techniques such as proxemics and embodied interaction. We are confident that with SSCA, and a new generation of augmented reality technologies, researchers can begin to better explore the potential of situated STC analytics

Fouad Alallah, Shariff Faleel, Yumiko Sakamoto, Bradley Rey, and Pourang Irani. "SSCA: Situated Space-time Cube Analytics." (2022).

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Dr. Yumiko Sakamoto

Dr. Yumiko Sakamoto

Senior Research Associate at University of British Columbia
Bradley Rey

Bradley Rey

Pourang Irani

Pourang Irani

Canada Research Chair
at University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus