Students and professors working in the lab are committed to exploring new and innovative research areas in human-computer interaction.

We are currently carrying out research in a number of a different fields including:

  • Large interactive surfaces and displays

  • Mobile devices

  • Human-robot interaction

  • Software complexity and learnability

  • Visual analytics

  • Intelligent interactive systems

  • Novel input devices

  • Several other areas of HCI research

News & Announcements

November 05, 2014 | PaintBoard Wins Best Paper Award at ACM HAI 2014

UManitoba HCI lab members Daniel J. Rea and James E. Young received a Best Paper Award at the 2nd International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction with co-author Takeo Igarashi for their paper "PaintBoard – Prototyping Interactive Character Behaviors by Digitally Painting Storyboards". Congratulations on this achievement!

March 12, 2014 | Personal Cockpit on Discovery News

With Barret Ens' Personal Cockpit you carry your apps in your hand, or stick them to the wall, or have then follow you. Discovery News has taken note.

March 12, 2014 | “Humans Obey Robots” Media Reports

Recent work by Derek Cormier on whether humans will obey order issued by robots has sparked discussions around the web. Brian Merchant at praises the paper and reports that given that robots are to continue taking our jobs, more research is needed. Similarly, Jason Dorrier at also covers the work and concludes "Human-robot interaction will grow in coming years, particularly in healthcare and the military. A greater body of behavioural research can inform future designs and potentially prevent harmful obedience. (Or, we might add, promote healthy disobedience.)".

Derek's Project Brian Merchant's article at Jason Dorrier's article at SingularityHUB

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